Photo Grid Apk – Collage Maker Premium

More than 100 millions fans, Photo Grid apk is the most well known photograph arrangement creator. With Photo Grid, you can consolidate conventional photographs into worth-impart photograph collections to impeccable outline format for Instagram; you can finish your pics by applying fabulous channel, including stickers and content; you can appreciate with your loved ones by sharing attempts to famous photograph informal organizations.

Download Photo Grid Apk
Download Photo Grid Apk

Photo Grid Apk– Collage Maker Premium


Framework – Quickly join numerous photographs with established and amusing formats into a wonderful picture.

Photo Grid Apk Editor – Stylize your shots with flawlessly arranged channel impacts.

Scrapbook – Pin minutes to a tweaked board. Scrapbook permit you include photographs, writings, stickers to a redid foundation.

Video Slides – Turn your photographs into dazzling video stories. Video Slides permit you make excellent video stories by utilizing photographs, including music, content and stickers you adore!

P.S. Video Slides highlight requires Android 3.0 and up. Besides, Slides highlight may not perform great work on Android 3.0 – Android 4.0.

Format – Decorate your pictures with interesting and cool magazine designs and layouts to be the well known person on the magazine cover.

FilmStrip – Tell a story by means of a long picture, consolidating different photographs by means of content and stickers!

Download Photo Grid Apk
Download Photo Grid Apk

*Popular Functions*

Design Create fun montages with 300+layouts for Instagram;(THE BEST AND EASIEST WAY TO MAKE COLLAGE WITH PHOTO GRID)

Download Photo Grid Apk
Download Photo Grid Apk

Channel Perfectly arranged channel impacts;

Alter and Crop-Ability to edit, change of your photograph size and proportion to make them picture idealize;

Share to Social Media-Original and least demanding approach to post whole photographs on any web-based social networking;

Sticker-Tons of stickers, and refresh every now and again;

Content What you see is the thing that you get “Word processor”;

Draw-Mark up photographs of senseless, cool, or motivating things you see and share through social, email, SMS, and the sky is the limit from there;

High Resolution-Export picture at either720P, 1024P,1080P,1660P,1920P,2048P with both .JPG and .PNG design;

Promotions Free-Upgrade to the advertisements free form to evacuate promotions, found in the settings;

Move Effects-Turn picture to cool and form video story with cool and amusing video slides move impacts.


Cara Download aplikasi pada Google Play Store Lewat Laptop

Google Play Store adalah situs Google yg menyediakan ribuan perangkat lunak spesifik Android. perangkat lunak di sini ada yg tersedia perdeo, ada juga yang berbayar. Cara downloadnya pun simpel serta cepat. Hanya saja, apps yg tersedia hanya mampu pada download melalui ponsel yg berbasis Android.

Lantas, bagaimana Jika kita ingin mendownloadnya melalui PC atau laptop ? Dikarenakan speed download via PC lebih kencang daripada download lewat smartphone. Mengingat arsip APK-nya homogen-homogen ukuran diatas 10 MB. Apa bisa ? Tentu saja mampu. Tanpa menggunakan software spesifik, cara ini bisa dipergunakan pada semua PC serta laptop.


Silakan pada coba :

Buka laman perangkat lunak yg ingin pada download, seperti tampilan di bawah. Disini saya akan mendownload apps Skype for Android.

Cara Download aplikasi pada Google Play Store Lewat Laptop Tanpa perangkat lunak

Copy url / alamat laman software yang terdapat di address bar browser anda.
Buka website APK Downloader di link berikut [DISINI]
sehabis itu, pastekan url aplikasi yang ingin anda download dari page Play Store tersebut di kotak yg telah tersedia.
Cara Download aplikasi pada Google Play Store 2017 Lewat komputer Tanpa software
Klik ‘Generate Download Link’. Tunggu hingga selesai proses generating nya, sekitar dua- 3 mnt. Tergantung berukuran apps yang ingin anda download.
Cara Download aplikasi Android di Google Play Store Lewat PC Tanpa software
Jika proses generating selesai, klik ‘Click Here To Download’. Proses download akan pribadi dimulai.
Bagaimana, simpel bukan ? Anda juga mampu mendownload extensi-nya APK Downloader buat Chrome. agar proses download menjadi lebih mudah serta cepat.


Hati-hati dalam melakukan proses download, jangan hingga galat klik. Baca ulasan saya sebelumnya tentang “Tips Sederhana Melindungi PC asal Virus”. buat mendowload apps android asal Google Play sebenarnya banyak caranya. tetapi cara diatas adalah cara yang paling praktis dam simple buat cara lain download apps via PC. Terimakasih !

Remove my Devices from Google Play Store – PlayStoreApk

Google Play Sore APK – Free download new version

How to install Google Play Store – No Root

Remove my Devices from Google Play Store – PlayStoreApk

Remove my Device from Google Play Store – PlayStoreApk

Through the years, the Google Play store builds up a list of your devices. when you look at this list, you mightdiscover that half of them are gadgets which you do not use (or personal) anymore, or maybe a chum‘s tool that you signed in on as soon as. there may be no actual damage in this, however in case you‘d alternatively it became accurate, we will display you the way to just preserve your present day gadgets to your Google Play shop device listing.

Google Play Store not working? How to fix

old Android devices cannot be completely removed from the Play save archive, however you could hide them in order that they now not seem for your tool listing. This makes it a good deal simpler to navigate the list, specially in case you‘ve owned dozens of Android gadgets over the last few years.

Remove my Devices from Google Play Store
Remove my Devices from Google Play Store

How to remove devices in Google Play

1. Open the Google Play shop to your internet browser and click on the small gear icon within the topproper of the screen and click the sub-menu referred to as Settings.

2. you’ll now see the My gadgets web page in which your device pastime in Google Play is recorded. you may see all the devices you have got ever logged into Google Play APK with, and a few information to the proper of every tool.

3. you can select whether the specific device must seem in menus or now not via checking or unchecking the packing containers underneath Visibility.

4. click on Edit to assign a catchy nickname for your gadgets. by way of default, the Play shop lists a number of devices as Unknown device. by way of assigning a nickname you can see at a glance which smartphone or pill it’s miles.

5. as soon as you’ve got renamed gadgets, click the update button to the far proper to shop your adjustments. those modifications are ordinary, so they will now observe in all Google residences. meaningall your visible gadgets may be renamed within the Play keep well suited gadgets listing, in addition to in Android device supervisor and so forth.

and that’s it, you are executed. it’s that simple to easy up and reorganize your tool evaluation so that you can quickly and easily discover the right smartphone or pill in Google Play.

Let us know in the comments.

Cara Membuat Foto Profil Facebook Bergerak – Download Facebook Apk

Download Facebook APK – Cara Membuat Foto Profil Facebook Bergerak – Facebook masih menjadi salah satu media sosial yang paling diminati.

Cara Membuat Foto Profil Facebook Bergerak

Alasan itu tidaklah heran sebab poly fitur fitur di facebook yg bisa memanjakan penggunanya. Mulai dari adanya gerombolan , banyak sekali video, menghasilkan fanspage serta jua berbagi gambar gif. Selain itu terdapat satu fitur facebook yang sebenarnya banyak orang yang kurang mengetahuinya yaitu membentuk foto profil menggunakan gambar yang berkiprah gif.

Foto profil yg bergerak di Facebook tetap menjadikannya semakin menarik buat dicermati sehingga mampu saja akan semakin poly orang yang menambahkan akun facebook anda sebagai teman.


but this feature can only be enjoyed the iOS users that create android or windows phone users have to bite the finger that has not been able to menyicipinya. Well If you iOS users, then you should be proud because you were able to create a profile photo budged.

but so tersbeut feature is still in testing phase, perhaps the next few months will be done for android or windows. create iOS users who want to implement it, you can see the tutorial below


1. Buka perangkat lunak FB Lite di ponsel iOS anda.
2. lalu pergilah ke page profil anda.
tiga. sesudah itu klik foto profil anda buat mengubahnya
4. lalu pilih opsi Take a New Profile Video atau Upload Video or Photo. Jika anda tidak menemukan opsi ini maka mampu jadi perangkat lunak facebook buat iOs yg kamu miliki belum update. Maka update lah terebih dahulu.
lima. Langkah terakhir tinggal engkau pilih video berasal galery atau merekamnya secara langsung.
6. selesai

Play Store Downlaod 2017

Caranya memang sangatlah mudah akan tetapi fitur ini belum bisa dinikmati selain iOS sehingga jika anda tertarik untuk membuat profil facebook bergerak maka anda bisa membeli produk apple. Nah sekian info kali ini semoga memberikan manfaat untuk and

Google Play Store troubleshooting – error Application

Google Services Framework is a critical carrier that lets the Play store speak with apps to your device, bearing in mind computerized updates and so forth.

Google Play Sore APK – Free download new vision

Download Google Play Store APK

Google Play Store troubleshooting – Error Application

If these capabilities forestall operating, or you enjoy different troubles, then there may be a trouble with the service, and you should clean the cache on Google Play save and Google Play services. To try this:

Go to Settings > Apps
Scroll all the way down to Google Play Store APK, tap it, then faucet clean cache.
Do the same for Google Play Services
That must restore maximum troubles you’ll enjoy with the Play shop
note: relying on what type of device you’ve got, it can want to be rooted so one can manually deploy the Play save, however this is a tutorial for any other day.


What to do when Google Play isn’t always running

we have all experienced a Google Play shop problem in some unspecified time in the future. whether it is an error message whilst downloading apps, or the Play keep actually won’t open, we have the solutions. here’s what you could do while the Google Play save doesn’t give you the results you want.

Google Play Store keep error codes

The solutions for the errors defined beneath are primarily based at the reports of the AndroidPIT editors in addition to readers and moderators from the forum. in case you come across every other issues with Google Play, experience unfastened to percentage your stories inside the remarks and discussion board

Error DF-BPA-09

DF-BPA-30 error

DF-DLA-15 error

Rpc error: AEC: 0

Error rh01 / rpc: s-5: AEC-0

Recovery error

Error-06 BM-GVHD

Error rpc: s-3

Error: “Authentication required”

Error “Package file invalid”

Error 8, 18, 20, 24, 101 …963, 975.