Cara Download aplikasi pada Google Play Store Lewat Laptop

Google Play Store adalah situs Google yg menyediakan ribuan perangkat lunak spesifik Android. perangkat lunak di sini ada yg tersedia perdeo, ada juga yang berbayar. Cara downloadnya pun simpel serta cepat. Hanya saja, apps yg tersedia hanya mampu pada download melalui ponsel yg berbasis Android.

Lantas, bagaimana Jika kita ingin mendownloadnya melalui PC atau laptop ? Dikarenakan speed download via PC lebih kencang daripada download lewat smartphone. Mengingat arsip APK-nya homogen-homogen ukuran diatas 10 MB. Apa bisa ? Tentu saja mampu. Tanpa menggunakan software spesifik, cara ini bisa dipergunakan pada semua PC serta laptop.


Silakan pada coba :

Buka laman perangkat lunak yg ingin pada download, seperti tampilan di bawah. Disini saya akan mendownload apps Skype for Android.

Cara Download aplikasi pada Google Play Store Lewat Laptop Tanpa perangkat lunak

Copy url / alamat laman software yang terdapat di address bar browser anda.
Buka website APK Downloader di link berikut [DISINI]
sehabis itu, pastekan url aplikasi yang ingin anda download dari page Play Store tersebut di kotak yg telah tersedia.
Cara Download aplikasi pada Google Play Store 2017 Lewat komputer Tanpa software
Klik ‘Generate Download Link’. Tunggu hingga selesai proses generating nya, sekitar dua- 3 mnt. Tergantung berukuran apps yang ingin anda download.
Cara Download aplikasi Android di Google Play Store Lewat PC Tanpa software
Jika proses generating selesai, klik ‘Click Here To Download’. Proses download akan pribadi dimulai.
Bagaimana, simpel bukan ? Anda juga mampu mendownload extensi-nya APK Downloader buat Chrome. agar proses download menjadi lebih mudah serta cepat.


Hati-hati dalam melakukan proses download, jangan hingga galat klik. Baca ulasan saya sebelumnya tentang “Tips Sederhana Melindungi PC asal Virus”. buat mendowload apps android asal Google Play sebenarnya banyak caranya. tetapi cara diatas adalah cara yang paling praktis dam simple buat cara lain download apps via PC. Terimakasih !

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5 Things every Android owner should try right now

Five matters every Android owner ought to strive right now – There so many cool matters you may do with Android which you probable don’t even recognize.

From custom ROMs to gorgeous launchers, apps, LED notifications, gesture controls, icon packs and tweaks, there may be masses to hold you glad for a while. here are 9 things each Android owner should strive.

1 enable Google Now on faucet

Google Now on tap become added with Android Marshmallow. It offers contextual data for something is to your screen, allowing you to locate records without having to look for it manually. you’ll want (as a minimum) Android Marshmallow to run it.

To allow Google Now on faucet, head over to Settings > Google > search & now > Voice and switch it on or off. as soon as it is on, you will then be able to experience speedy, contextual statistics on tap. To disable Now on tap, preserve on the house button and a menu will appear. faucet the three-dotted icon and then Settings, where you will be capable of disable it.



2 The battery optimizations


Regardless of which Android tool you’ve got, there are ways to improve the battery lifestyles from the get-go. firstly, you need to turn off ‘ambient display’ or ‘adaptive brightness’. This placing modifications the show brightness based on the current lighting situations, but it is now not best.

The sensor used to determine the light degrees isn’t as correct as the human eye, you may set a more appropriate show brightness for the modern-day occasions, and because the display is a key place wherein battery lifestyles is misplaced, make sure you keep this at the bottom level viable.



3 Supercharge your Wi-Fi

Did you could tell Chrome to save money and time via decreasing statistics usage? the majority do not. via the use of this placing, i have reduce my information usage by way of 30 percent within the past month. How’s that for clean wiwireless? go to Chrome > Settings > data Saver and flip it on.

Likewise, did you already know you can inform your smartphone to hold wifi on in the course of sleep? simply go to Settings > wifi > advanced > keep wifi on all through sleep and select always.

Doing which means no longer handiest will you down load things while your smartphone’s show is off, but you may additionally save battery life, due to the fact your telephone might not have to reconnect to each time you wake it up.


4 grant app permissions for my part

Have you purchased Android Marshmallow? It has a groovy function you should try: granular app permissions. this option lets in you to offer apps permission to access hardware or data to your cellphone on a want basis.

So if an app desires to get entry to the microphone, it’ll ask you for permission to achieve this while you launch the app and the app wishes to apply this piece of hardware.

For Android variations earlier than Marshmallow, you had to furnish that permission earlier than downloading the app inside the Play save.

We assumed that denying some app permissions inside third-birthday party apps may want to break them. however now you can manipulate those permissions individually. deliver it a attempt.

Play store Android Free download

5 set up Android tool supervisor

How Android tool supervisor isn’t always pre-enabled on every unmarried Android smartphone I actually don’t know.

Android tool supervisor is a high-quality tool that helps you to tune a misplaced or stolen cellphone, remotely lock it, ring it, or delete its contents and even display a lock display message for everybody that unearths it. it may no longer be the sexiest element you do together with your Android phone, however it need to be the first factor you do.


You may locate the permissions for Android tool manager in the Google setting app below security. you may enable Android device supervisor to remotely discover your smartphone in addition to lock or erase its contents. however you will also want to spark off Android device manager as a tool administrator.

Visit Settings > protection > tool administrators and test the box subsequent to Android device supervisor.

GooglePlay Apk – Clear the Google Play Store cache, Google Play Services, Play Store data

 Clean the Google Play Store Apk save cache

In a few instances, you can get the Play save going again through simply emptying the cache. The cache is a garage vicinity that temporarily holds statistics so it is able to be quickly retrieved while not having to be reloaded. this may remedy your trouble and emptying it is simple.

First go within the Settings from your phone’s home display screen. You have to then cross into your Apps or application manager, it relies upon to your device. From there you need to both be able to scroll down and hit clear cache or you would possibly need to first move into storage then clear cache.

as soon as this has been finished, go lower back into your Google Play Store save and notice in case your trouble has been solved. If now not, you ought to attempt one of the other solutions here.


Clear out your Play Store data


Deleting your facts from the Play shop is much like our first tip but erases pretty a bit extra. It sets the app lower back to rectangular one and gets rid of your saved information, with a bit of luck together with something glitchy records turned into inflicting the trouble.

Bear in mind, while you try this your files, settings, money owed, databases and other information might be erased. You should make certain you’ve got the log-in data for the account because it might be taken off the Google Play keep account.

To get commenced, head into your Settings and find the Apps or application supervisor. From there you must be able to scroll all the way down to clean records or go into garage first then clean information.

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Clear data and cache on Google Play Services

It is possible that Play save issues should stem from troubles with Google Play offerings. If Google Play save is the coronary heart of your Android device, then Google Play offerings is its soul. Play offerings is the mysterious background process that allows apps to speak with distinctive components of your device, allowing them to sync, ship push notifications and so forth.


If clearing the cache and statistics in your Google Play keep didn’t paintings then you can need to go into your Google Play offerings and clear the statistics and cache there. Doing this is simple.

You need to go into your Settings and hit application supervisor or Apps. From there, locate the Google Play services app (the puzzle piece). relying in your tool, you should be able to faucet the clean cache button or you would possibly want to enter garage first then hit clean cache.

If that fails to clear up the hassle, come lower back to this web page and hit manipulate area or control garage then tap clean all records.